Wärmflasche Kautschuk 800 ml.

Organic hot water bottle natural rubber


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Eco hot water bottle made of natural rubber

Hot water bottle made of natural rubber

Color : natural white

Material : 100% natural rubber

Volume : 800 ml. Hot water bottle made of natural rubber (Sänger GmbH)

Size: approx. 15 x 27.5 cm, weight: approx. 205 gr


Handmade in Germany / Made in Germany

Safety instructions: Before each use, always check the hot water bottle and screw cap for cracks, brittleness, deformation or other damage. If necessary, remove the fabric cover. Never expose the hot water bottle to any kind of heat by lying, sitting or leaning on it. The hot water bottle is suitable for warming the bed and should be removed before going to bed. Never heat the hot water bottle in a microwave, oven, grill or other heat source and never use it with an electric blanket. The rubber hot water bottle should not be placed on a radiator or any warm surface.
Empty the hot water bottle after use and hang it up to dry at room temperature with the opening facing downwards. Do not bend the hot water bottle when dry and store it empty. Avoid contact with sunlight, cleaning agents, oil and grease. Leave the cap unscrewed when storing. It is recommended that you replace the hot water bottle after one year or as soon as it shows signs of wear. Children, the helpless, the sick or people sensitive to heat should only use it under adult supervision.