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Organic Mini Lavender Pillow

PAT & PATTY-Organic Lavender Pillow


The little friends are the ideal companions for children in every situation, as they fit in almost any pocket. However, they can also easily be hung on the cot or stroller.

The outer material is made of soft cotton plush / terry cloth (organic). The removable inlet is filled with spelt grains or cherry stones, to which a small amount of lavender blossoms has been added.
It is also available without lavender (organic spelt grains or cherry stones).

Our organic mini lavender pillows are for everyone.

🌿 Mini lavender pillows in animal design: relaxation in a sweet way! 🐻🦁


Discover our adorable mini lavender pillows in animal shapes - the natural way to more peace and well-being. Our cuddly and handmade pillows are not only cute to look at, but are also filled with organically grown lavender and high-quality organic cotton. 🌱🐾

The power of lavender: Lavender, also known as the queen of herbs, has always had calming and relaxing properties. Our mini lavender pillow exudes the pleasant scent of lavender flowers, which has been proven to have a calming effect and can be helpful when relaxing, falling asleep or meditating. 😴🌼

🌱 Lavender, carefully sourced from controlled organic cultivation, is filled into the pillow and ensures a pleasant sleeping environment. The dried lavender flowers are not only soothing for your senses, but also act as a natural moth repellent - a win-win situation for your sleep and your wardrobe! 🦋

Our mini lavender pillows are available in various animal designs, including bears, lions and storks. These lovingly designed pillows are made of soft cotton plush and will quickly become your cuddly companion in every situation. 🧸💤

The filling of our lavender pillows consists of organically grown lavender flowers harvested in France. The scent of French lavender is simply incomparable and ensures an unforgettable relaxation experience. Our pillows also come with spelt grains or cherry stone pillows to enhance the soothing warmth. 🇫🇷🌞

The mini lavender pillows are not only a great gift idea, but also an ecological statement. Our organic cotton comes from controlled organic cultivation (KBA) and is sustainably produced. We are proud to be sustainability certified and to be committed to environmentally friendly manufacturing processes. 🌍🌿

The mini lavender pillows are not only a stylish accessory for your bedroom, but also an effective companion on the way to more relaxation and well-being. They are perfect as a sleeping pillow or to support meditation and yoga. And the best thing is: our pillowcase is washable so that you can enjoy freshness and cleanliness at all times. 🧘 🌺

Join our Pat & Patty family and experience the scent and warmth of our mini lavender pillows, which will give you peace and security. Our commitment to high-quality materials , handcraft and ecological sustainability is reflected in each of our products. 🌟💚

Say goodbye to stressful days and welcome relaxation with our mini lavender pillows in animal design. Order today and treat yourself and your loved ones to the gift of natural peace and serenity! 🎁🦋


Lavender pillows and sachets containing lavender flowers are often used as natural remedies to repel moths and mosquitoes. In fact, lavender and its characteristic scent have repellent properties against these insects. Here's how lavender pillows and sachets can work:

  1. Against moths:

    • Lavender has a strong and pleasant scent that people like but moths avoid. The essential oils in lavender, particularly linalool, act as natural insect repellents and repel moths.
    • The lavender flower scented sachets or pillows release a continuous lavender scent that can be placed in closets, drawers and other storage areas to keep moths away.
    • Lavender pillows can also be stored in garment bags or near wool or silk clothing to protect them from moths.
  2. Against mosquitoes:

    • Lavender can also help keep mosquitoes away because its scent is unpleasant to these insects.
    • Scented sachets with lavender flowers or lavender oil can be placed in the bedroom to keep mosquitoes away and thus contribute to better sleep.
    • Some people also rub lavender oil on their skin to protect themselves from mosquito bites.

It is important to note that lavender pillows and sachets have a more preventative effect and are not necessarily effective against existing moths or mosquito infestations. If you already have a moth problem in your wardrobe or textiles, additional measures should be taken, such as thoroughly cleaning the affected areas and washing or drying the infested garments at high temperatures to eliminate the moth larvae.

Still, lavender pillows and sachets are an environmentally friendly and fragrant way to keep moths and mosquitoes away without resorting to chemical insecticides. However, keep in mind that the effectiveness of lavender can vary depending on the environment and insect population.


Yes, lavender pillows can usually be suitable for children as well, provided they are used safely and appropriately. Lavender is known for its calming and relaxing properties, which can also be welcome in children. Here are some things to consider when it comes to lavender pillows for children:

  1. Age appropriate: Lavender pillows can usually be used for children of a certain age. The exact age limit may vary, but they are usually suitable for toddlers and older children as long as there are no allergies or sensitivities to lavender.

  2. Safety: Make sure the lavender pillow is safe for children and does not contain any parts that could be swallowed. Check the seams and design to make sure there are no loose fillings or small parts that can fall out.

  3. Uses: Lavender pillows have many uses to help children calm down and relax. They can be used as a sleeping pillow, for bedtime relaxation, or for anxiety.

  4. Allergies and Sensitivities: Note that some children may be allergic to lavender. Monitor your child's reaction when they first come into contact with lavender pillows and stop using them if rashes, irritations, or other allergic reactions occur.

  5. Supervision: Children should be supervised when using lavender pillows, especially when they are very young, to ensure they do not swallow the pillow or injure themselves with it.

  6. Scent: The scent of lavender can be calming and help children sleep or relax. However, it is important to ensure that the scent is not too strong as some children can be sensitive to strong scents, so use lavender pillows with a subtle scent.

  7. Care and cleaning: If the lavender pillow is washable, it makes it easier to care for and maintain hygiene. Children tend to get their pillows dirty and a washable pillow is convenient.


Lavender pillows may help relieve sleep problems in some people. Lavender has been traditionally valued for its calming and relaxing properties, and the scent of lavender oil may help promote sleep and reduce sleep disturbances. Here are some ways lavender pillows may help with sleep problems:

  1. Relaxation: The scent of lavender can promote relaxation and reduce stress. If you are stressed or tense before bed, smelling lavender can help calm the mind and promote relaxation.

  2. Sleep quality: Lavender can improve sleep quality by helping you fall asleep more easily and wake up less frequently. If you have trouble falling asleep or sleeping through the night, lavender pillows can help.

  3. Calming effect: The scent of lavender has a calming effect on the nervous system and can help reduce restlessness and inner tension. This can be particularly useful for sleep disorders caused by stress or anxiety.

  4. Relaxation of the mind: The pleasant scent of lavender can help calm the mind and let go of disturbing thoughts or worries, which can make it easier to fall asleep.