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Baby and child organic blankets

PAT & PATTY- Handmade in Germany


The soft, cuddly blankets made of cotton plush keep babies nice and warm at home and on the go.

They can be used in many different ways – whether in a stroller, as a blanket in a cot or as a play mat.

The blanket always has one side made of cotton plush (kbA) and one side made of soft cotton jersey (kbA)

Discover the magical world of organic baby and children's blankets from PAT&PATTY ! 🌿👶🍼


Our baby blankets and cuddle blankets are not only particularly soft and cozy, but also sustainable and environmentally friendly. Made from high-quality organic cotton, they offer your baby or child the highest level of comfort and warmth. 🌱💤

Using organic cotton is not only good for your baby's sensitive skin, but also good for our planet. Our blankets are GOTS certified, which means they are free from harmful chemicals and pesticides and are produced under socially responsible conditions. With PAT&PATTY you can be sure that you are getting a sustainable and ecological product. ♻️🌍

Our selection of baby blankets and cuddle blankets includes different sizes and designs to meet the needs of babies and toddlers. The blankets are not only ideal for the baby's bed, but also suitable as a crawling blanket or for on the go in the stroller. The size of 75x100 cm makes them practical and versatile. 🛏️🚼🌞

The soft and fluffy natural fibers of our blankets ensure that your little darling always feels comfortable and is kept warm. Whether it's baby's first equipment or cozy cuddling on the sofa, our blankets are the ideal companion for every occasion. 💕🏡

The delicate, pastel colors and timeless design of our organic baby blankets from controlled organic cultivation fit perfectly into any child's room. They are not only practical, but also a real eye-catcher. The high-quality materials and careful workmanship make them long-lasting companions for your little darling's entire childhood. 🎨🏰

A special feature is our cuddly blanket with a matching eco-hot water bottle, which gives your child additional warmth and security. The cuddly blanket with the eco-hot water bottle is a great addition for cozy evenings and ensures cozy hours before going to bed. 🌙💤

Our organic cotton baby blankets are pesticide-free and made from pure natural fibers. They are the perfect choice for parents who care about their child's health and well-being. With a PAT&PATTY baby blanket, you can be sure that you are offering your baby only the best. 🍃🌟

In a world where sustainability and environmental protection are becoming increasingly important, we want to do our part to create a better future for future generations. Our GOTS-certified organic baby blanket is an expression of our belief that high-quality and environmentally friendly products do not require compromises on quality and comfort. 🌎💚

Discover the magical world of organic baby and children's blankets from PAT&PATTY and give your baby the warmth and security it deserves. Our cuddly blankets will surely become your child's favorite companions. 🌈🌠


A baby blanket is a piece of blanket designed specifically for babies and toddlers. It is used to keep the baby warm, whether in the crib, stroller or playing on the floor. Baby blankets are usually smaller than regular bed blankets and are available in a variety of sizes, materials and designs to suit different needs and preferences.

Baby blankets have several important uses:

  1. Warmth: Baby blankets provide warmth and comfort, especially in the first few months of life when infants are not yet able to effectively regulate their body temperature.

  2. Sleep: Baby blankets can be used in the crib to cover and soothe the baby while sleeping.

  3. Crawling and playing: Baby blankets are also ideal for spreading out on the floor so that baby can crawl, play and explore their surroundings.

  4. Stroller: Baby blankets can be used in the stroller to protect the baby from wind and cold.

Baby blankets come in a variety of materials, including cotton, fleece, knits and other soft, skin-friendly fabrics. Some baby blankets are specifically designed for different seasons, such as lighter summer blankets and thicker winter blankets. They often come in a variety of sizes, including smaller blankets for newborns and larger ones for toddlers.

Choosing a suitable baby blanket depends on several factors, including the season, the climate, the baby's individual preferences and the intended uses. It is important that baby blankets are easily washable, as they need to be washed frequently to keep them clean and hygienic.

Safety is another important aspect. It is advisable to use baby blankets in a way that does not cover the baby's face to minimize the risk of suffocation. It is also important to make sure that the baby blanket is free of loose threads or parts that the baby could choke on.

Overall, baby blankets are important companions in baby equipment and offer warmth, security and comfort for infants and toddlers.



Properly cleaning children's cotton blankets is important to ensure that they remain clean, hygienic and allergen-free. Here are some steps and tips on how to properly clean children's cotton blankets:

  1. Check the care label: Check for a care label on the blanket. The label contains the manufacturer's instructions on recommended cleaning and care of the blanket.

  2. Shake and air out regularly: Shake out the blanket regularly and air it out in the fresh air. This can help remove dust and odors and freshen up the blanket.

  3. Stain removal: If stains appear on the blanket, try to treat them as soon as possible. Use a mild detergent or baby shampoo and warm water to gently remove stains. Gently blot the stain rather than rubbing to avoid damaging the fabric.

  4. Washing machine: If the blanket is machine washable, follow the instructions on the care label. Use a gentle detergent and select a gentle cycle with cold or lukewarm water. Avoid washing the blanket with sharp or heavy objects as this may damage the fabric.

  5. Hand wash: If the blanket needs to be hand washed, fill a tub or large container with lukewarm water and a mild detergent. Carefully submerge the blanket and gently move it around. Rinse the blanket thoroughly and squeeze out excess water without wringing.

  6. Spin and dry: Gently spin the blanket in the washing machine or roll it in a clean towel to remove excess water. Then dry the blanket in the shade or in the fresh air. Avoid direct sunlight as this can fade the colors. You can also tumble dry the blanket on a low heat setting if the care label states this.


A good security blanket, also known as a cuddle blanket or security blanket, is characterized by certain features that make it a valuable companion for babies and toddlers. Here are some characteristics that make a good security blanket:

  1. Soft materials: A security blanket should be made of particularly soft and skin-friendly materials that feel comfortable and are kind to babies' delicate skin. Cotton, flannel, fleece and plush are popular materials.

  2. Calming properties: A good security blanket should have a calming and comforting effect. Many children develop a strong bond with their security blanket and it helps them feel safe and secure.

  3. Appropriate size: The size of the security blanket should be appropriate for the child. It should be large enough to cover and hug the baby or toddler, but not so large that it is difficult to handle.

  4. Safety: The security blanket should be free of loose parts or small parts that could pose a choking hazard. Seams should be secure and well-made.

  5. Easy to care for: Since security blankets are used frequently, they should be easy to clean. Machine washability is often an important feature.

  6. Attractive design: Security blankets are often available in different designs, colors and patterns. The design should be child-friendly and appealing to attract the child's attention.

  7. Durability: A good security blanket should be durable, as it is often used over a long period of time. It should wash well and retain its quality even after several washes.

  8. Versatility: Some security blankets have additional features, such as crackling foils, integrated toys or rattles, to encourage sensory perception and play.

  9. High-quality manufacturing: The security blanket should come from a reputable brand (PAT&PATTY) or a manufacturer known for high-quality children's products and compliance with safety standards.

  10. Attachment and comfort object: The cuddly blanket should have the ability to build an emotional bond with the child and provide comfort. Many children develop a strong affection for their cuddly blanket, which offers them security and comfort in various life situations.

Choosing the right security blanket depends on the individual preferences of the child and the preference of the parents. It is important that the security blanket brings joy to the child, comforts them and supports them in their development.